FAQs - Quality Special Purpose Awards

It’s not possible to apply for the programme called Level 7 BSc in Quality for Industry. This Award consists of three Special Purpose Awards (SPAs), and these must be completed in order to receive the Level 7 Bachelor of Science in Quality for Industry.

To apply for any of the three SPAs or a module or modules from the SPAs, log on to apply.gmit.ie Select application type Q7 from the dropdown box in the Application Menu. You will then be asked to select the modules you want to take when the programme commences in September. Please read the FAQs for further information on the modules available to you.

Follow the procedure in 1 above, selecting the modules from the SPA. You will receive the appropriate Special Purpose Award when the modules for that SPA have been completed.

Yes, you need to hold a Level 6 award (Higher Certificate, 120 ECTS - or higher) in Science, Business or Engineering, to be eligible to apply for entry to this programme.

If you don’t hold a Level 6 Higher Certificate, but have significant experience in industry (Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industry, for example), you can apply for these SPAs through the Recognition of Prior Learning process.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a system whereby learning acquired through work experience and/or through certified programmes can be acknowledged as a basis for entry to these SPAs. There is more information here.

If you wish to apply for RPL, please send a comprehensive, up-to-date CV to Learn@gmit.ie, which is the email address for the Department of Graduate Studies and Professional Development at GMIT. Your CV will be assessed, and you will be notified when/if your work experience is deemed suitable for the RPL process.

You will be sent guidance documents to help you complete the process, and we will support you with any questions you have.

Yes, a non-refundable assessment fee of €100 applies to all RPL ePortfolio applications for ATU

Yes. Please email a certified copy of your transcript (with official translation, if necessary) to Learn@gmit.ie so that your qualifications can be assessed under the Irish system.

The modules covered are:

  • Quality Management 1

  • Quality Management 2

  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Auditing

  • Validation

  • Clean Room Management

  • Production and Supervisory Management

  • Six Sigma for Quality Management

  • Project

No, you can’t apply for all of these modules at the same time.

(a) There are certain rules about which modules must be studied before other modules:

  • Quality Management 1 must be completed before Quality Management 2

  • Quality Management 1 must be completed before Six Sigma for Quality Management

  • Quality Management 1 must be completed before Project

(b) The current timetable doesn’t allow all modules to be taken in the same academic year. Below is the timetable for the 2020/21 academic year:

All classes run from 6.30pm to 9.30pm


Semester 1

(Sept to Dec)           

Semester 2

(Jan to May)                           

Certificate in Science in Quality Management


Quality Management 1  



Quality Management 2  



Certificate in Science in Quality and Regulatory Affairs


Regulatory Affairs and

Compliance Auditing    






Clean Room Management     



Certificate in Science in Quality Statistics  and Management    


Production & Supervisory Management    



Six Sigma for Quality Management        





Work-based project completed in Semester 2


Yes, it is possible to do this, keeping the rules in 9(a) above in mind.

It is possible to complete all three SPAs in two academic years following the schedule below. You could also complete the SPAs at a slower pace.

Year 1: Three nights per week-Tuesday night for Quality Management 1 and Monday and Wednesday nights for the Certificate in Science in Quality and Regulatory Affairs.

Year 2: Two nights per week-Tuesday night for Quality Management 2 and Thursday night for the Certificate in Science in Quality Statistics and Management.

If you are accepted on to the programme, it may be possible to apply for a module exemption. Please contact your tutor for the Institute’s policy when you commence the programme.

The cost of each module is listed below.

Special Purpose Award   Module        Module Cost               
Certificate in Science in Quality Management    
  Quality Management 1 (10 Credits) €800
  Quality Management 2 (10 Credits) €800
Certificate in Science in
Quality and Regulatory

Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Auditing (10 Credits)

  Validation (5 Credits) €400
  Clean Room Management (5 Credits) €400
Certificate in Science in
Quality Statistics and
  Production & Supervisory Management (5 Credits) €400

Six Sigma for Quality Management (5 Credits)

  Project (10 Credits) €800


Ideally, applicants who have been accepted on to a course, would pay for their course when they register. However, instalment plans can be put in place, on request to Learn@gmit.ie. If your employer is paying your fee, or a portion of your fee, you can request an invoice from Learn@gmit.ie. It is possible to complete registration while waiting for an instalment plan to be put in place or for an invoice to be paid by your employer.

Online application opens on 6 April 2021. The closing date is 31 August 2021, but early application is advisable as this is a very popular programme and class sizes are limited and fill very quickly. If some modules have available places after offers have been made, we may open for applications again.

The application system we use at ATU does not issue an email when an application has been made. When you have successfully applied, all the checklist items will be ticked off. You will then click on 'application is complete' and if you 'agree to the terms', you will get a 'signature' page which confirms you have made your application.

Next year's mode of delivery - online, face to face or a combination of both - is entirely dependent on the government health advice and level of restrictions in force during the upcoming academic year 2021/2022. It is therefore not possible to say what the exact mode of delivery will be right now, as GMIT will be required to adhere to such advice and make decisions in line with health and safety requirements. For the academic year 2020/2021 the course was delivered fully online with either live or recorded lectures for modules, or a combination of both.

Application is made for this programme in April, with the programme starting in mid-September usually (subject to a viable enrolment). Some modules are studied from January, but application must be made in April, with registration taking place in September.

Unfortunately, we don’t permit deferral of an offer to register for this programme, but we look forward to hearing from you when your workload allows.