Research Strategy

HR Strategy

In June 2017, GMIT was granted the European Commission’s prestigious “HR Excellence in Research” Award. 

The HR Excellence in Research Award recognises GMIT’s proactive support for the career and professional development of researchers.  It celebrates GMIT’s commitment to implementing a positive Human Resources Strategy for the Institute’s researchers consistent with the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers

The Charter recognises research as a profession requiring ongoing career development and mobility.  The Code of Conduct outlines recruitment principles and selection criteria for researchers and postdoctoral appointments.

GMIT now stands amongst 350 institutions of high international standing also granted the HR Excellence in Research Award.

GMIT will continue working collectively with its stakeholders to:

  • Deliver on the Institute’s HR Strategy for Researchers Action Plan

  • Address issues identified in our Gap Analysis and,

  • Ensure that our researchers experience the best possible environment at GMIT.