Maths Entry Exam

Second Chance Maths Entry Exam

This Math Entry Exam is for students who haven't achieved the required grade in maths for admission to all ATU programmes, other than those outlined in Table 1 (see below).

This provides students, who have otherwise achieved the entry requirements to ATU, with a ‘second chance’ opportunity to achieve the grade required in maths. 

The exam is based on the ordinary level leaving certificate syllabus, and is of a comparable standard to the Leaving Certificate ordinary level paper.

Candidates who achieve a pass mark (40% or more) in this exam are deemed to have met the minimum maths entry requirements for ATU programmes other than those specified in Table 1. 

No additional CAO points are awarded. 

Candidates who pass the exam and meet all other entry requirements and have enough points for their chosen course in ATU will receive an offer of a place in Round 2 of CAO.

Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) are offering applicants the opportunity to undertake a revision course, details of which are outlined below.  Students may opt to sit the exam without having taken the preparatory course.

Students who have received confirmation from CAO of eligibility for the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) or the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) entry schemes can undertake the course and the exam at no cost.

Who can apply?

  • You must have applied to ATU through the CAO for entry in the forthcoming academic year.
  • You must have achieved the required points for entry to your chosen programme of study and meet any additional entry requirements specified.
  • It is expected that you will have achieved a minimum grade of 07 in Maths.

The Exam

The exam will take the format of one three-hour paper with six questions. 

It will cover Leaving Certificate Syllabus – statistics and probability, geometry and trigonometry, number, algebra and functions.

Past Leaving Certificate examinations should be used to see the type and standard of questions.

The use of non-programmable calculators is permitted.

The exam will take place at ATU’s Galway City Campus, Dublin Road, Galway.

A recognised form of photo ID will be required to sit the exam e.g. passport, driving licence or An Garda Síochána National Age Card.

Results will be emailed to students no later than five days following the exam. 

Your results of the ATU Maths Exam are only valid for the year it is taken in. After that, the exam would need to be re-taken. There are no appeals.

Reasonable Accomodations

If you have a learning difference, disability or medical condition and need any reasonable accommodations for the exam such as separate room, extra time, reader and/or scribe, sign language interpreter, modified paper, etc., you may request exam supports once the Leaving Certificate results are issued.

Please contact the Access and Disability Service on a minimum of three days before the exam and include your CAO number in this correspondence.

Please note any request will need to be supported by relevant documentation if not already submitted to CAO.

Excluded Programmes

This Maths Entry Exam does not meet the entry requirements for the following ATU programmes:

Table 1  Excluded Programmes


CAO Code

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Science


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in General Nursing


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychiatric Nursing


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Education (Design Graphics and Construction)


ALL Bachelor of Engineering Programmes

GA473, GA484, GA673, GA681, GA670, GA680, GA463,

GA573, GA570, GA683, GA675, GA674, GA682, GA580

Bachelor of Engineering Common Entry

GA676, GA684

Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering Design



The cost of sitting the Second Chance Entry Exam is €30.

How to Apply

Apply for the preparatory course and/or examination HERE between 3rd September and 5pm on 8th September 2021.

After you submit the form you should arrange for a bank transfer of the relevant fee.  Your email confirmation will provide the required bank details.  

Please note this fee is non-refundable.  If you are have confirmation from the CAO that you are eligible for HEAR or DARE, then payment is not required.


Data Privacy Notice

Information collected on the application form will be used in accordance with data protection legislation and ATU’s Student Privacy Notice. ATU will provide contact information (name, email address and phone number) to GRETB in relation to those applicants who have indicated that they wish to take part in the preparatory course for the maths entry exam offered by GRETB. Aggregate statistical information in relation to the course may be used in reporting.

Key Dates

  • Application Facility open between 3rd and 5pm on 8th September.
  • Examination - morning of 15th September

The GMIT Admissions Office are happy to provide further information on the Second Chance Entry Examination.


Tel: 091-742140