Programmatic Review

GMIT conducted an Institute wide programmatic review during the academic year 2013 – 2014

Summary of Programmatic Review

GMIT conducted an Institute wide programmatic review during the academic year 2013 – 2014.

Forty-eight panels were established to cover all the discipline areas and individual programmes following the guidelines in Code of Practice No 2.  The Programmatic Reviews with the EPRG panel and the programme boards took place over a thirteen day period from the 27th May to the 20th June 2013.  In total 71 programmes were reviewed by the 48 panels over the 13 day period.

A template for the production of the report of the EPRG was issued from the Registrar’s Office more as guidance for the Secretary and recording Secretaries and also to ensure that there was some consistency of reporting so that analysis could be facilitated of the process and also to feed into the next Institutional review.

The Institute Programmatic Review on a disciplinary basis was deemed to be successful as it united staff across the whole Institute in the evaluation of programmes.  The individual programme reports and the overall report were approved by the Academic Council on December 16th 2014.  Prior to that the Heads of Academic Units had an opportunity to review the reports from a factual accuracy prospective.

Internally within GMIT progress on the implementation of the findings of the programmatic review process at Programme Board level will be monitored by the Monitoring and Review Committee which is a sub-committee of Academic Council, wherein the Heads of Academic Units  will report on an annual basis in relation to progress they are making.

Programmatic Review Report 2013-2014 (PDF, 1.69MB)


MSc in Environmental Systems

BSc in Digital Media & Society

BEng in Civil Engineering

Higher Certificate in Business in Computer Applications

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting

BA in Accounting & Financial Management

BSc in Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying

Bachelor of Business - Mayo

BSc in Architectural Technology

Postgraduate in Applied Irish & Translation

BSc in Physics & Instrumentation

BSc in Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology

BSc in Medical Science

BSc in Applied Biology & Biopharmaceutical Science

BA (Flexible) in Culinary Arts

BEng. in Electrical Services & Automation

BEng in Mechanical Engineering

BA in Heritage Studies

BSc in Furniture Design & Manufacture

BSc in Furniture & Wood Technology

BEng. in Computer & Electronic Engineering

BA in Applied Social Studies

BB in Retail & Customer Service Management

BB in Event Management with Public Relations

BB in Tourism Management

HC in in Business in Tourism

BSc in Construction Management

HC in Business in Computer Applications

BSc. in Sustainable Building Technology

BSc in Construction Management in Refurbishment and Maintenance

HC in Science in Construction Management

BA in Hotel and Catering Management

BB in Hotel and Catering Management - Block Release

BB in Hotel and Catering Management

HC in Arts (Hospitality Studies)

BA in Religious Studies

BB in Accounting - Galway

Bachelor of Business - Galway

BBS in Rural and Agri Business

HC in Agriculture and Environmental Management

BSc. in Agriculture and Environemental Management

BSc. in Rural Enterprise and Environmental Management

Bachelor of Business, Administration & Information Systems

BA in Information Systems Management

HC in Science  in Information Technology Support

BSc. in Information Technology Administration

BSc. in Computer Services Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting

BSc. in Computing in Software Development

BSc. in Business Computing and Digital Media

BSc. in Information Technology for Business

BA in Art and Design

BA in Film & Documentary

BA in Fine Art

BA in Design in Textiles

BA in Art and Design (Flexible delivery mode)

HC in Science in GMP & Technology

BA in Outdoor Education and Leisure

BA in Culture and Environment with Tourism

BSc. in Chemical and Pharamceutical Science

BSc. in Forensic Science and Analysis

MSc. in Computing

Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

BB in Culinary Arts Management

HC in Culinary Arts 

BA in Culinary Arts (Flexible Learning)

HC in Bar Supervision

BEng in Energy Engineering

HC in Energy Engineering


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