CCAM student at work

ATU Galway City campus, Wellpark Road

Students interested in being part of a global transformation using creativity and innovation are drawn to our Design, Creative Arts and Media courses. Located on Wellpark Road in Galway city, we use a hands-on approach to learning. 

We encourage students to explore their creative side through practical work and studio engagement, enabling them to carve their own paths in the inventive industries.   

Unique in the Irish educational landscape, we offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in a vibrant community of learning and exchange. The Centre for Creative Arts and Media provides a highly collaborative learning environment, equipped with film editing suites, computer labs and other essential workspaces. Classes are delivered by expert staff who are passionate about their research and profession. 

Enrolling in a creative arts and media course can be life-enhancing and stimulate creative thinking and adaptability. With room to explore and engage, attempts at artistic expression are valued, spontaneity and risk-taking are encouraged, self-esteem is enhanced, and differences are celebrated. 

The arts are an integral part of our education system. They help provoke discussion, enhance imagination, encourage thinking and sensitivity on a range of topics, and focus on social and cultural development for third-level students.
Awards and accolades are achieved each year by learners, lecturers and graduates. This paves the way for leadership in the Art, Television and Film worlds, reinforcing the fact that ATU School of Design and Creative Arts is indeed an exceptional place to study.