Quality Assurance Framework

Standards and guidelines for Quality Assurance at ATU

The definitive and current version of all policies and codes are those published on the website as distinct from those published in hard copy format.  

1.0 Policy for Quality Assurance
1.1 Quality Framework
1.2 The Academic Council    
1.3 Research
1.4 Research Ethics    
1.5 Taught Programmes Research Ethics Committees (TPRECs)     
1.6 Honorary Fellowships    
1.7 Mitigation Policy
2.0 Design and Approval of Programmes
2.1 Validation and Monitoring
2.2 Collaboration Provision including Transnational Collaborative Provision and Joint Awards
2.3 Level 9 Research Discipline Area Validation Policy & Procedures
3.0 Student-Centred Learning, Teaching and Assessment
3.1 Student Assessment: Marks & Standards
3.2 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
3.3 Professional Practice Policy
3.4 External Examining
3.5 Plagiarism    
3.6 Reasonable Accommodation for Examinations and Assessments 2019     
3.7    Learning Analytics for Student Success Policy
3.8 GMIT Digital Learning Charter 2020 
3.9 Fitness to Practise
4.0 Student Admission, Progression, Recognition and Certification     
4.1 Access, Transfer and Progression
4.2 Recognition of Prior Learning
4.3 Student Retention Policy
4.4 Nursing: Clinical Placement
4.5 Nursing: Progression Policy
4.6 Garda Vetting (Student) Policy
4.7 Defer and Withdrawal Policy
5.0 Teaching Staff    
5.1 Policy on Continuing Professional Development
5.2 Timetabling
6.0 Learning Resources and Student Support     
6.1 Online Learning Policy    
6.2 Child Protection Policy     
6.3 Student Equality Policy
6.4 Social Media Policy
6.5 Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy    
6.6 Recording Lectures Policy
7.0 Information Management (Including Public Information)
7.1 Code of Student Conduct     
7.2 Cód Iompraíochta na Neach Léinn    
7.3 Employability Statement
8.0 Ongoing Monitoring and Periodic Review of Programmes    
8.1 Strategic Review of Academic Units
8.2 Programmatic Review
8.3 Review of Support Services & Facilities Review
9.0 Cyclical External Quality Assurance
9.1 Institutional Review


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