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School of Engineering

At ATU School of Engineering, we offer a wide choice of Engineering and Built Environment programmes. Across all our programmes we place a strong emphasis on the 4 Ps – placement; practical’s; projects and professional accreditation.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been

Why Engineering?

Every industry needs engineers and it’s an occupation with a wide reach. Engineers can work on developing wearable technologies for the healthcare industry, setting up explosions for a TV or film production set, or developing the design for a robot.

Why Built Environment?

The world’s most iconic structures wouldn’t exist without inspired planning and execution. Complex construction projects need specialised knowledge and a deep understanding of how people, processes and products work together. 

Departments in the School of Engineering
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Engineering Research Group

ATU's Engineering Research Group tackle a variety of real world challenges across the full scope of Engineering specialisations.

Professor Graham Heaslip
Head of School of Engineering
Tel:  +353 91 74 2412

School Office
Laura McTigue
Patricia Stakem
Colin Farrell
Joe Toner
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School of Engineering
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