GMIT President's Thrive Award for Volunteering

GMIT President’s Award for Volunteering (Thrive Award)

The Thrive Award was developed to recognise and acknowledge the valuable contributions students make to their communities whether that is their home community, the community where they live whilst at college or within the college community.

All these voluntary roles are in addition to the workload of the college course they are studying. To recognise these contributions to civic society GMIT launched in the Thrive Award in September 2019.

GMIT President Thrive Volunteering Award

The Thrive Award

Go on, volunteer today!

How does the Thrive award work?

Each student who completes a minimum of 25 verified hours of volunteering during the academic year is eligible to receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution.

These awards are presented at an awards ceremony attended by the GMIT President who will present the certificates on behalf of the Institute.


How can I find a volunteer role?

If you are already volunteering in a role then you can use that role to achieve the award.

However, if you would like to try something different or if you have never volunteered before we would recommend that you find a role that suits you by searching for a role here. This is a national database and provides opportunities throughout the country.


Verifying your volunteer hours

It is important that you have a point of contact within the volunteer organisation that is willing to verify that you have completed your volunteer hours.

Towards the end of the second semester a form will be circulated to all students to apply for the Thrive Award.

It will be necessary for each applicant to have the contact details of someone within their volunteer organisation that can verify their hours. GMIT will only present the Thrive Award to student’s whose hours are verified.


More information

For more information, please email Daniel Caldwell at thrive@gmit.ie.