How PASS operates

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Programme in ATU currently operates according to the following schedule:

Stage 1: Communications
The PASS Programme Communication Campaign includes:

  • Introductory PASS sessions and workshops for staff

  • A ATU PASS Handbook

  • Student briefing sessions about the PASS Programme

  • Email and notice board announcements

  • An online student portal

  • Posters

  • Conference Presentations

Stage 2: Recruitment
PASS Leaders are recruited and selected from currently registered second, third, or fourth year students. PASS Leaders must complete an application form and a self-assessment form to apply for the role. Successful applications are then short-listed for interviews and final selection. 

Stage 3: Training
A comprehensive, training programme for PASS Leaders is provided. Also, workshops and information sessions are run for ATU staff. Contact for the upcoming training dates.

A handbook containing information and advice on running PASS sessions will be distributed to PASS Leaders and PASS Course Contacts in advance of the training programme.

Stage 4: PASS Sessions Begin
PASS Sessions are timetabled for participating first year programmes (one hour per week for ten weeks each semester).

First year students will see PASS sessions on their timetable.  They can then register with their leaders for a PASS session or PASS session topics of interest through Learnonline, ATU's online Learning Management System.

One or two PASS Leaders will run each PASS session. The topics to be discussed can be selected by the students in advance. PASS Leaders will decide techniques and activities they will use to ensure collaborative discussions take place.PASS Leaders can also seek guidance from the PASS Course Contacts and the Institute PASS Manager.

PASS sessions are intended to be structured, organised, and purposeful, while also being informal and friendly. During a session the group may:

  • review course material

  • analyse assignment requirements

  • go through past exam papers

  • discuss lectures or project work

  • discuss how to use the library for research

  • practise citing references

  • air other matters of concern, such as financial or accommodation issues

In PASS, the emphasis is on everyone in the group working co-operatively and interdependently to develop their understanding. PASS is about exploratory discussion led by the PASS Leaders. The more everyone in the group joins in these discussions, the better the sessions work.

Stage 5: Programme Evaluations
At the end of each semester, PASS session evaluations and surveys will take place, with the aim of improving the performance of the PASS Programme in future academic years.

Stage 6: Leader Rewards
PASS Leaders are rewarded for their role in delivering PASS sessions.

PASS Leaders

Apply Online to become a PASS Leader  (external link)

Contact Details:

Carina Ginty
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Dublin Road
Republic of Ireland

Email: PASS Programme