A little help for parents

Congratulations! Your daughter/son is heading to college!

We understand that this is a huge adjustment for both you and our new student. This is the stage of your life where you have to let them go, just a little. It is time for them to figure things out for themselves. Time for them to grow and flourish - without you.

We want to remind you that once students register at ATU, the contract (relationship) is exclusively between us (ATU) and the student. This means that when we have questions for the student, we contact the student, not the student's parents.

Over the next few months, you will find yourself having many questions about your son/daughter's academic life here at ATU (exam results etc.). We encourage you to discuss these questions directly with your daughter/son, as we cannot discuss details with anyone other than the student. If you find that they are not all that excited about sharing the details of their new life at college, feel free to peruse the FAQ section of our website, where you may find the answers you are looking for. 

Parental support continues to be of enormous importance to all of our students throughout the academic year, and we have put together the following information to help you.

GMIT Mayo students outside St Marys Hall

How can you support your son/daughter?

1. Offer Practical Help

If they are moving away from home, prepare them to be confident in grocery shopping and their cooking skills.

Make sure they have nearby resources to do their laundry.

Give them guidance on how they might best budget their money while away from home, ensuring they have enough money to pay their rent at the end of each month. 

2. Encourage them to get involved

Remind them to attend the #First5weeks Welcome Programme.

Ask them if they have considered joining any clubs and societies, as this helps foster friendships with their classmates.

Remind them to attend classes, as this is the key to success in college. 

3. Encourage them to ask for help

Keep an eye out for signs that your child might be struggling, or having trouble coping with their new life away from home. 

Advise them to seek help, as there are lots of supports available, at all GMIT campuses, for students who are struggling academically or personally. 

If your child is having doubts about remaining in college or feels like they might have chosen the wrong course, don't panic. We are here to help and will give them the information and support they need to either stay the course, switch courses, or ultimately leave college. 

The main supports we offer are outlined in our "Drop in Before You Drop Out" leaflet. 

Drop in Before you Drop Out - Galway

Drop in Before you Drop Out - Mayo 


All full-time students have to pay an annual Student Contribution fee.  There may also be some extra costs associated with their course, and/or with living away from home.  Financial help is available for some students in the following forms:

  • Maintenance Grants

  • Student Assistance Fund

  • Student Support Fund

Click here for more information


Student accommodation is available close to all ATU's campus locations. Click here for more information on accommodation in Galway City, Mayo, Connemara and Mountbellew. Please note that the accommodation is privately owned and is not vetted or approved by ATU or our Students' Union. The Students' Union also offers advice on different types of accommodation and tenants rights and duties.

Scholarships & Access Programmes 

ATU offers the following scholarships and access programmes:

  • Academic Scholarships

  • Access Scholarships

  • Design Scholarship

  • Mature Student Scholarships

  • Special Sports and Cultural Achievement (SSCA) Scheme

  • Sporting Scholarships

  • Non-EU Scholarships

Click here for more information.

Supports for First-Year Students

We know that going to college is a big transition from secondary school, so we have a number of supports in place to help first-year students:

Welcome Programme:  OurT's #First5weeks Welcome Programme (also known as Induction) formally introduces and wholeheartedly welcomes new students to the GMIT community.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS):  A course where trained student leaders help first-year students settle into college life and develop independent learning skills.

Learning and Innovation Skills Module:  Mandatory for first-year students, this module helps them develop their learning skills to meet the demands of third-level study.

Student Services

ATU has a dedicated Student Service team that is there to support students throughout their time in college.  Services include the following:

Careers Services: To help students make informed career decisions and identify occupations that suit their interests, personalities and skills.

Counselling Services: A safe space where students can come and talk in private about any issue of concern for them.  This is a free and confidential service.

Student Health Unit:  A team of doctors and nurses providing a free and confidential health service for students during term time.

Chaplaincy:  Two Chaplains hailing from different religions and belief systems, who are there to assist and support students.

Access and Disability:  Providing a range of supports and services for students applying to ATU. It facilitates equality of access and participation for all students.

Click here for more information on student services.