Teaching & Learning FAQ

A variety of resources to support lecturers and programme leaders are available on the staff portal at ATU Teaching and Learning Centre or cpdlearnonline.ie

Email the Dept of Graduate Studies & Professional Development at Learn@gmit.ie

Dr Carina Ginty is the programme co-ordinator for the Certificate and Diploma, Stages 1 & 2 Email: Carina.ginty@gmit.ie

Dr Pauline Logue is the co-ordinator for the MA Thesis in Education Science, Stage 3 Email: Pauline.logue@gmit.ie

This is a blended learning programme, and contact sessions run one day a month from September to May. The programme leader is Dr Carina Ginty.

Contact sessions cover:

  • Higher Education Theory

  • Lesson Plans & Reflection

  • Assessment & Evaluation

  • Technology Enhanced Learning Tools

  • Developing a T&L Portfolio and Teaching Philosophy

  • Student Engagement Strategies

  • Service Learning

  • Education for Sustainability

  • Creating Digital Learning Objects

  • Peer Observations & Reflections 

The contact sessions are supported by a suite of online learning resources participants engage with at their own pace on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment - Moodle).

Yes, a minimum of 3 hours per week is required in a teaching/training role. The assessments are all linked to teaching practice.

The RPL process commences in September/October annually and is integral to application and registration. Dr Carina Ginty (the GMIT T&L Officer) advises on the RPL requirements and process. 

Learning outcomes associated with prior qualifications and experience (relating specifically to teaching and learning) are mapped against the learning outcomes of the programme.  Evidence must be provided in the form of original transcripts and certs. ATU uses an RPL online assessment tool.

Yes. This is a flexible framework. You can access the Certificate with a 2.2 honours degree. You also need to be working in teaching role part-time or full-time.

Yes. Once you have a 2.2 honours degree, or higher, you can register for postgraduate modules, and it is possible to do between 1 and 3 Level 9 postgraduate modules over one academic year in ATU. 

Yes. The schedule is confirmed and made available in early September annually. The programme Chair will give you contact details for module leaders who will advise you.

It is recommended to apply by mid-June for the Certificate in Teaching and Learning in order to be considered for the start date on September 1st. This also applies to the Diploma elective modules running in Semester 1. For the Diploma electives running in Semester 2, candidates apply by December each year.

For the MA thesis award stage 3, candidates must apply by December 1st annually in order to meet the research proposal deadline due each year in April.

Please note, places are limited on all stages of the programmes.

This is NOT a qualification for second level teaching in Ireland, and therefore the Teaching Council do not recognise it for second level. It is specifically aimed at lecturers/educators in third-level institutions (ITs, Universities/Further Education/Adult Education).

No (see above). This is for third level teaching/lecturing OR for professional development for previously qualified second level teachers. For second level teaching you are required to do a Professional Masters in Education (PME) Masters (2 year), offered at Universities - such as our Teacher Educators Together (TET) partner School of Education, NUIG.

Programme co-ordinators provide advice and there is a careers service for registered students in ATU.

To date, at second level, prior teaching experience (i.e. a minimum number of years teaching at second level) has been a strict criterion - but there is a shortage of exam correctors in some subjects currently; you could e-mail the Department of Education and/or the State Examinations Commission to enquire.

  • You first have to apply for the Research Cycle: Foundation (10 credit) module which typically runs from January to May - mandatory for ALL.  Please send in evidence that you have completed a Level 9, Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning to Learn@gmit.ie. Funding is to be arranged with your institute on the basis that this specific module is mandatory for all for the MA in T&L. This module costs 800 euro. The MA Thesis (30 ECTS) costs 2,400 euro.
  • The Research Cycle: Foundation module involves a commitment to (5) workshops which typically run between January to May. Please email the module leader Barry McMillan for dates and times (Barry.mcmillan@gmit.ie).

  • The Thesis in Education Science module is a 30-credit module, the output of which is a thesis of 20,000 words. It involves 6 contact days during the year on selected Fridays from 10am onwards. You can meet your lead supervisor on these days, too. (Times need to be arranged/cleared with your line manager). Barry McMillan will provide dates and times at the end-of-year (see his contact details above).

  • Typically, an information session is held in early spring each year where we invite proposals for the MA Thesis stage. Proposals are due in April and a review is held with an expert panel to ensure that the proposal is viable and to address ethics issues.

  • Post-review you are given written feedback and are required to further improve the proposal which is the first CA in the Thesis module, due in September.

All the modules on the programme are delivered in flexible, blended format. Typically, students attend the institute one day per month from September to May (on a Thursday or a Friday, depending on the module). 

The timetable for each module is circulated by the module leader, when candidates are registered to start a module. In addition, during a module, participants will engage in peer learning mentoring circles, one to one clinics, peer observations with participants on the programme, and design learning and assessment activities all linking back to their teaching practice.

As this programme is blended, there is a responsibility on the learner to also engage with a suite of online learning resources. This can be accessed through the course virtual learning environment (VLE) at any time during the week/ term.

The class contact sessions (1 day per month) are based in Galway. In addition, students engage with a suite of online learning resources on the course VLE.

The closing date for the Certificate in Teaching and Learning (30 ECTS, L9) is June 16th (apply early as this course fills up very quickly).

The closing date for the MA Thesis module (stage 3 leading to the final capstone award MA T&L) is January 8th annually, as candidates need to prepare a research proposal by April in order to clear ethics approval and start the research by September. Contact Dr Pauline Logue for further information on accessing the final MA Thesis module.

For the elective diploma modules, candidates can apply at any time for any of the modules running in semester one or two. Check with  Dr Carina Ginty the Diploma programme leader in September or December to find out what Diploma modules are running in semester one and two.

Yes, it is possible. The Certificate is a stand-alone Level 9 postgraduate minor award in Teaching and Learning. The programme is designed in a flexible way, so candidates can graduate at Certificate or Diploma level or continue to the final capstone MA in Teaching and Learning award (visit the programme page to find out more about the programme).