Mechanical Engineering

Meet the Team

Dr Brian De Souza

Department: Mechanical and Industrial Engineerin 
Campus: ATU, Dublin Road, Galway Campus.

Research interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Turbomachinery including Pumps, Fans, Compressors and Turbines.  Industrial problem solving, in particular simulation of fluid flow problems.  Modelling and experimental investigations of crystallisation as applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Recent Publications

1.Steendam, R.R.E.,  Keshavarz, De Souza, B., and Frawley, P.J. Thermodynamic properties of paracetamol impurities 4-nitrophenol and 4′-chloroacetanilide and the impact of such impurities on the crystallisation of paracetamol from solution. Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 2019, 133, 85-92.

2. De Souza, B., Keshavarz, L., Steendam, R.R.E., Dennehy,O.C., Lynch, D.,  Collins, S., Moynihan, H.A., Maguire, A.R. and Frawley, P.J. Solubility Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling of N-(4-Methylphenyl-Z-3chloro-2-(phenylthio)propenamide in 12 Pure Solvents at Temperatures Ranging from 278.15 to 318.15 K. J. Chem. Eng. Data, 2018, 63,1419–1428.

3.  Steendam, R.R.E.,  Keshavarz, L., Bliilevens, M.A.R., De Souza, B., Croker, D.M. and Frawley, P.J.  Effects of Scale-Up on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Crystal Nucleation. Cryst. Growth Des., 2018, 18, 5547–5555. 

Other Publications

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Dr David Gorman

Department: Mechanical Engineering 
Campus: ATU, Dublin Road, Galway Campus.

Tel:  086 8864488 

Research Interests

Magnetic fields, Elastomers, Materials,


  1.  Dave Gorman, Niall Murphy, Ray Ekins, and Stephen Jerrams The evaluation of the effect of strain limits on the physical properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers subjected to uniaxial and biaxial cyclic testing. International Journal of Fatigue 103:p 1-4   

  2. Dave Gorman, Niall Murphy, Ray Ekins, and Stephen Jerrams The evaluation and implementation of magnetic fields for large strain uniaxial and biaxial cyclic testing of Magnetorheological Elastomers. Polymer Testing, 2016. 51: p. 74-81. 

  3. Polar exploration (University Focus) Research into smart materials continues at the University of Dublin with the development of methods to record and present data to demonstrate the magnetorheological effect when a magnetic field is applied to a MR elastomer sample by Dave Gorman, Niall Murphy and Ray Ekins, Tire Technology International 2017: 48-51. 

Other Publications

List of other publications.