Quality Assurance Publications

Programme Accreditation Reports and Evaluation Reports

This page contains links to programme accreditation reports and evaluation reports underpinning the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework in GMIT.


Level 9 Research Discipline Area Validation

Following the publication of the ‘Sectoral Protocol for the Awarding of research Masters Degrees at NFQ Level 9 Under Delegated Authority (DA) from Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)’, GMIT developed ‘NFQ Level 9 Research Discipline Area Validation Policy and Procedures’. 

Click here for validation reports on Level 9 Research Discipline - Science (PDF, 403KB).

Click here for validation reports on Level 9 Research Discipline - Heritage (PDF, 407KB)


2015 Publications

QA Bridging Report to QQI (March 2015)


EUA Institutional Evaluation Programme (2015)

In 2015, GMIT undertook an Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) conducted by the European University Association (EUA).

Click here to read further on this subject.


Programmatic Review

GMIT conducts Institute wide programmatic reviews every five years. Click here for details.


New Programme Validation Reports

All new programme proposals at GMIT are subject to external validation by an expert panel, and the reports are published on this website. Click here to view all New Programme Validation Reports.

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