Teaching and Learning - Lecturer

Dr Carina Ginty

Dr Carina Ginty GMIT

Dr. Carina Ginty is the Teaching and Learning Officer at GMIT.

Carina has led numerous projects for GMIT and partner institutes in:

  • teaching and learning development
  • student engagement and leadership
  • community engagement
  • recognition of prior learning
  • technology enhanced learning

Carina co-led the development of the MA in Teaching and Learning degree programme for GMIT.

Her teaching and research areas include:

  • Student Centred Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Peer Assisted Learning
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Education Project Management
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Online Learning

Carina is founder and co-chair of the national group, Student Led Learning (ww.lin.ie/sll), an executive member of the Educational Developers Network in Ireland (www.edin.ie) and the Learning Innovation Network (www.lin.ie), and a Teaching and Learning Associate with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Ireland.

Carina presents at national and international conferences annually and is a published author of an educational adventure book series for children, called Captain Cillian Learning Adventures.

Carina is a graduate of GMIT, NUI Galway and the PRII. She holds a PhD, an M.Litt. in Education, a BBS (Hons), a PgDip PR, and postgraduate Certificates in Assessment and Evaluation, Learning Technologies and Civic Engagement.