Student Stories

Computer Service Management (Mayo Campus) - Kathie Nally

Kathie Nally- Computer Service Managemet (GMIT Mayo Campus)

My professional life began in the equestrian industry. When I finished my Leaving Cert in Ireland I went to Belgium, aged 17, and basically spent the next 20 years working with horses all over Europe.

Often I was the IT support service in the bigger more modern yards that had computers as I taken the computer class in school.

I decided to return to Ireland in 2004, just before the Celtic Tiger arrived. I was struggling to find a job when my mother heard on the radio that there was an IT course starting in GMIT Mayo the following year.

Knowing that I was actively interested in computers she advised me to apply and I went on to study the B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Services Management, graduating in 2008.

I applied last-minute for the Masters course in NUIG shortly after finishing in GMIT and was accepted, graduating in 2010. For my Masters project and thesis I found an internship at the EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and eventually moved back to live and work. I work mainly on small missions for short term contracts.

GMIT Mayo was the perfect place to start my amazing journey.