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Certificate in Blockchain for Business

Applications for September 2021 are no longer being accepted.

Discipline: Business

Programme Code: 


Location: Online

NFQ Level: 8

Programme Duration: One year

Mode of Study: Online delivery

Application Route: Apply direct to GMIT

Entry Requirements: A Level 7 qualification (i.e. ordinary degree or equivalent) under the National Framework of Qualifications, in any discipline.

Credits: 30

Places: 25


€1,920 subject to confirmation

Why Study?


  • Blockchain is a new, disruptive technology which has the potential to change the way business is conducted in the future.
  • The first major incarnation of blockchain is as a cryptocurrency and the technology plays an important role in the development of Fintech.
  • The course will impart the knowledge and skills necessary to apply Blockchain techniques and capabilities in business.
  • You will learn the decentralized nature of blockchain, the difference between public and private blockchains, smart contracts and decentralized applications.
  • The course aims to fill the growing demand for specialist roles examining new and innovative application of blockchain's capabilities, 

 This course is now open for applications on   The start date will be 10th January 2022.


Programme Modules

Blockchain Technology - download module details here (PDF)

Economics for Business - download module details here (PDF)

Introductory Finance for FinTech - download module details here (PDF)

Economics of Blockchain  - download module details here (PDF)

Blockchain Business Models - download module details here (PDF)

Financial Technologies for Blockchain - download module details here (PDF)


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Have knowledge in the following areas:

Blockchain: technology, application, implementation strategy and business models.

Principles of Economics: economics of the firm, industry and markets and impact of technological advancements on industry and the firm

Principles of Finance: personal and business financial management, sources of finance, working capital and investment decisions.

  • Identify real-world problems that are well suited to blockchain solutions. Recognise, understand and appreciate capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology.
  • Model real-world problems from a blockchain perspective Design and construct a blockchain business model to solve a business problem.
  • Identify and select appropriate blockchain techniques in a range of real-world contexts.
  • Apply best practice and diagnostic skills in the fields of blockchain and financial technology.
  • Communicate technical solutions in writing and orally in a business context.
  • Locate and evaluate documentation and information through online research. Assimilate new skills and techniques in technology through online learning.
  • Recommend an appropriate course of action in the context of changes in the business environment and capabilities of new technologies such as blockchain.

Essential Information: 

Application Process:

***Applications for September 2021 are now closed.***


Places will be awarded on academic merit. If all places are not filled by those holding a Level 7 degree, Recognised Prior Learning may be offered to those holding a Level 6 Higher Certificate plus 3 years work experience.


Delivery Method

Fully online with recorded lectures, followed by online discussion groups with the lecturers. There may be occasional live lectures in the evenings.




What is BLOCKCHAIN? The best explanation of blockchain technology

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