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Information Systems Management Student - Rachael Shaw

Rachael Shaw

My name is Rachael Shaw and I am a final year student in Information Systems Management (ISM) in the School of Business in GMIT.

When I was deciding what course I would like to do after finishing my Leaving Cert, I did a lot of research.  GMIT appealed to me because of the number of courses and opportunities available. 

I also I knew people studying in GMIT, and they strongly encouraged me to apply for a course here.

The ISM degree is an absolutely excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in IT and business as a whole.  I have gained a vast amount of skills that are highly marketable in today’s environment. 

My two favourite subjects are Systems Analysis and Application Programming, and as a result, I have decided to further expand my skillset and knowledge by applying for a Masters in Software Design and Development.

GMIT has a very friendly atmosphere and the environment in which students learn is excellent.  The lecturers have a very hands-on, practical approach which makes learning a lot easier.  I am really enjoying life here at GMIT and to be honest I will be sorry to leave. 

Course Details:

Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems Management