Chemistry Student Work Placements

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science and Forensic Science & Analysis placements

ATU School of Science delivers two honours degrees which focus on Chemistry, namely Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science and Forensic Science & Analysis.

In Semester two of year three, these students must complete a six month work placement, commencing in January.

Nature of the Placement:
Students typically get placements in QC/QA roles in a wide variety of companies.

Subject Matter:
In both degrees, the students have studied mostly chemistry, and have covered several analytical chemistry modules.

They have good hands on lab experience in common chemistry analytical techniques, including HPLC, GC, IR, UV etc.

Both have completed a GMP/Regulatory Affairs module.

In addition, the Forensic Science students have completed modules in DNA and Computer Forensics.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment/benefits for the students are not a requirement and are at the discretion of the host Company/Institute.

All students are covered by ATU's insurance policy while on placement.

What our placement partners say:

"Ours has been a positive experience with both students we have had to date on work placement from ATU. The students arrived with good technical skills and an eagerness to learn and proved themselves very capable workers. We consider   the process as mutually beneficial to the students and the laboratory and are happy to continue with such placements in the future."

Michelle Cuffe - Executive Analytical Chemist, Public Analysts Lab Galway


"The Shellfish Safety Section of the Marine Institute receives students for work placements from varying scientific courses from Third Level Institutions including ATU on an annual basis. Experience has shown that the students already have a good theoretical and practical skills background going into the work placement. Both students and the Marine Institute find the work placements to be of mutual benefit, where resources and facilities are provided to the student to receive hands on practical training in a variety of laboratory techniques and sample analysis, result interpretation and report writing."

Dave Clarke - Senior Laboratory Analyst, Shellfish Safety Section, Marine Institute

If your company like to take a GMIT Chemistry student on work placement please contact:

Denise Cooke

Science Placement Coordinator

Tel:+353 (0)91 74 2690