Core Studio (Interior Design / Graphic Design and Illustration / Product Design / Textiles for Fashi


Core Studio is a foundation module in design process, principles, and materials relevant to the students chosen discipline (Interior Design/Graphic Design & Illustration/Product Design/Textiles for Fashion). Learners are introduced to the background, context, and applications of their discipline. Through theory and practice, learners become familiar with methods, tools, materials, techniques, and processes associated with their discipline. Learners follow a structured design process and are encouraged to problem solve by generating design possibilities which are tested through practice.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Follow a structured design development process, for example, Design Thinking. 

  2. Research and gather visual information; evaluate and problem solve to create design output. 

  3. Document the development of work processes through the keeping of visual workbooks. 

  4. Communicate design concepts and apply a basic design vocabulary of the formal elements and principles of their discipline.

  5. Experiment with, discuss and evaluate the use of materials and processes. 

  6. Create visuals, material samples and prototypes of concepts and designs.  

% Coursework 100%