BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology

Graduate Student Biography - Damien McCann

I am a 4th year student in Galway Mayo Institute of Technology studying Architectural Technology. On leaving secondary school I went straight into a carpentry apprenticeship. After four years I was fully qualified only to find the country was in a deep recession. If I was to stay in Ireland as a carpenter my prospects did not look the best. Whilst I was serving my time I had a keen interest in other things which were happening around me on site. I made the decision to return to college and get a further qualification. Due to my practical knowledge I found much of the coursework easy to understand.

On finishing I hope to join a firm that will invest a little time in training me up and to give me an opportunity to get good experience in my new profession.  I am happy to work all the hours that is required in return and I would hope to become a valuable asset to any company that provide me with a start. Starting at the bottom and working my way up does not phase me.

4th Year Technical Report Title: To Investigate Air Tightness in a Retrofit Building (GMIT) and bring it to Enerphit Standard.