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Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Ronan Steede

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Hailing from Corofin, and an active member of the football team at GMIT, Ronan was encouraged to attend college based on the positive feedback he heard from former students at St. Jarlaths College in Tuam, where he attended Secondary School. Now, entering into his 3rd year, it has almost been plain sailing through his experience in Electronic and Computer Engineering.

“I loved studying Language C module, but found it difficult to get stuck into a regular study routine, especially coming up to exam time. But my lecturers were very helpful, and really helped me with any challenges I have had.”

Loving the small class sizes, and the fact that he has found it easy to make a lot of great friends, fast, Ronan hopes to get some work experience this year at Cisco or Avaya, which will help prepare him for the world of work once he graduates. Although happy living at home with family in Corofin, he is very much looking forward to a career in Computer Programming, hopefully working for a large company in America.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering - GMIT - Ronan Steede