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Product Designer - Barry Liston

GMIT graduate Barry Liston

“My decision to study at GMIT Letterfrack was hands-down the best decision I have ever made.”

Barry Liston, Graduate of BSc (Hons) Furniture Design & Manufacture, 2007, GMIT Letterfrack

Barry Liston is the CEO of Grasshopper Skateboards Ltd. Ireland’s first skateboard brand and manufacturer. His company, based in Co. Kerry, uses a newly developed bio-composite material for the sustainable production of skateboards. As a product designer Barry:

  • Explores new opportunities for product development.
  • Researches people’s behaviour patterns and how they interact with products.
  • Develops design concepts and creates prototypes.
  • Researches new materials and tests their performance properties.
  • Thoroughly analyses all costs of each component and process.
  • Understands the importance of marketing and promoting his products.
  • Seeks investment opportunities from funding agencies and private investors.


Grasshopper Skateboards