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Certificate in eHealth at GMIT Mayo campus

Certificate in eHealth

13 week online course with a 1-day classroom session in GMIT Mayo Campus - 10 Credit, Level 8 Special Purpose Award (SPA)

Discipline: Nursing Health Sciences and Social Care

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 8

Mode of Study: Online delivery

Application Route: Apply direct to GMIT

Entry Requirements: Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for entry to a Level 8 programme in line with GMIT admissions policy

Places: 30


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Why Study?

“Healthcare, with its increasing reliance on technology, has a requirement for professional personnel to take advantage of technological innovations that improve patient outcomes...” (eHAction Declaration 2018)

In addition to raising critical awareness of the impact of digital technologies on all areas of health care, students will be exposed to opportunities for further research in applied eHealth systems, eHealth data and eHealth practices.

GMIT is committed to providing “e-Skills for Professionals” through supporting the eHAction Declaration.

The online programme delivery method with a 1-day classroom session in GMIT Mayo Campus allows students from across Ireland unique access to continuous professional development in the area of eHealth at NFQ level 8.

This programme offers continuous professional development opportunities for clinicians and health care staff wishing to gain insight with a view to proactively supporting the eHealth initiative.



This programme is a 13 week (Level 8 SPA) aimed at nursing, medical, health care and social care professionals and healthcare administrators.

This programme will familiarise students with the core values of Ireland's eHealth strategy: patient wellbeing, efficiency, and data availability.

The programme will provide an explanation of the technologies and data standards which will underpin the eHealth strategy, and enable graduates to play a proactive role in the implementation of the eHealth strategy in their own health care setting.

GMIT recognises that health professionals are critical to facilitating the uptake of eHealth solutions and services for the benefit of all. This programme supports a prioritised focus on equipping current and future health professionals with the knowledge and understanding that will drive the wider deployment of eHealth.

For further information on studying eHealth at GMIT Mayo ***Download our brochure here*** (1.56MB)

Programme Modules

The programme consists of two 5 credit modules as follows:


1. eHealth Strategy and Data (5 Credits)

This module is designed to enable students to develop a critical understanding of the concepts, strategies, and data standards, which will drive the eHealth initiative in Ireland.

The module explores topics such as data management and governance, standards; legal and ethical issues around private and shared patient data; coding systems for disease classification, diagnosis and interventions; and government policy initiatives namely, the Individual Health Identifier, and the Electronic Health Record.


2. eHealth Systems and Implementation (5 Credits)

This module introduces students to the technology of eHealth Systems, and the project management techniques used in implementing these systems.

The generic components of an electronic information system are examined in terms of client-server and web-based computing models.

This module explores topics such as cloud and mobile technologies, eHealth ecosystems, change management, and eHealth implementations.

As the programme progresses, there is the caveat that there may be modifications due to developments in technology, systems implementations, and change management policies.

Essential Information: 

The programme is delivered over 13 consecutive weeks in an online format.

In this mode, student engagement will be primarily through the GMIT online learning environment where the content will be delivered through online video/slide presentations, documents, two-way discussions/tutorials and interactive practicals.

The programme includes a 1 day in-house workshop/guest lecture series or a half day online webinar series where students can engage directly with practitioners who are currently involved with specific eHealth project implementations


We wll have one intake for this programme in the academic year 2021/22.


Closing date for receipt of applications:

•  September intake - May 2021

The next intake for this programme is September 2022.

Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 5pm on Friday, 28th  May 2021.

Programme commences - date to be advised (Online Induction).


How to Apply

Applications for 2021/22 are now closed. 

If you have any queries, please email



Current fees are listed on our Fees Page

Contact Us

For further information on the programme contact:

Brian Mulhern
Lecturer in Computing

Richard Holmes
Lecturer in Nursing and Health Sciences