3D Animation for Film and TV


This module will build on the skills developed through 3D modelling 1 and 2. Students on this module will focus on 3D modelling and Animation for the Film and Television industry.
Students will develop a series short animated production following the animation production pipeline from script to final short.  The module encourages a unique creative output. The module will focus on enhancing students skills and building their portfolio for a carrier in film and tv production.
Students will combine their knowledge of the 3D production pipeline with the extended animation production pipeline for moving image, incorporating environment design, character animation to tell a unique narrative story.
Students will also be encouraged to develop transferable 3D skills in associated fields of industrial design, VFX, VR and AR; with a focus on building a portfolio for animated film and tv production.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Investigate advanced modelling and animation techniques with 3D FX systems, and Virtual Production

  2. Integrate technology effectively in the creation an animation incorporating 3D modelling and post production skills

  3. Adapt individual workflows to suit a professional group based production pipeline for 3D output

  4. Design an original 3D Animation incorporating a range of artistic styles and techniques

  5. Produce a production design notebook demonstrating designs, concepts and artistic styles

  6. Integrate audio with visual media outputs

  7. Articulate critical thinking techniques

% Coursework 100%