3D Modelling 2


This module will build on students skills developed in 3D Modelling 1.  The module will focus on 3D design, animation and content creation across the disciplines of Animation and Game Design.   Students will focus on the creation of animated character design, and develop skills within a suite of software allowing students to develop their own workflows within an industry focused setting for both Game and Animation platforms. 

The module will place an emphasis on concepts of character modelling and animation tools assisting students in turning their 2D designs into fully animated 3D models across a suite of industry standard software, with the presentation of an animated character within their chosen output platform of traditional or interactive presentation. 

The module will develop students skills from associated modules, with focus on design, content capture, and interactive animation principles.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilise suitable capture and recording processes for replicating real word content and movement within animation and game design

  2. Create character designs and develop a 3D character from concept to animation. 

  3. Demonstrate good design planning in the creation of UVMaps and Material / Texturing within a 3D mapping workflow.

  4. Exercise appropriate judgement in implementing suitable methods for Rigging and Animation

  5. Create Lightmappings and Advanced UVmapping techniques

  6. Create a short character animation demonstrating key principles of animation

  7. Demonstrate proficiency in applying advanced materials to 3D models

% Coursework 100%