3D Modelling and Animation


This module aims to provide a solid foundation in the processes and procedures involved in 3D modelling and animation for creating digital media.
The module prepares students for activities involving the design, development, and testing of modelling, rendering, and animation solutions to a broad variety of areas including science, engineering and entertainment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise, discuss, and reflect upon technologies, techniques and algorithms for the acquisition, generation, manipulation, presentation, storage and communication of various types of visual data

  2. Demonstrate familiarity with principles and practise of computer graphics from their mathematical foundations to the modern applications domains of scientific visualisation, virtual reality, computer games and film animation

  3. Demonstrate proficiency in modelling of objects, characters, scenes and game assets

  4. Demonstrate skills in shading, lighting and texturing

  5. Demonstrate a trajectory of ability in implementing basic to advanced animation concepts and techniques 

  6. Demonstrate motion capture: motion cycles, interpolation and creation of realistic motion states

  7. Implement and critically appraise rendering techniques: image and animation processing, compression, typography

% Coursework 100%