3D Studio Practice 3 (Ceramics/Digital Media/Sculpture)


The Narratives language, synthesis and materials of 3 dimensional and digital/ time based practice.

A module designed to build on the technical content of semester 3. Students will address project themes which will challenge them in incorporating some of these learned techniques into their developing practice.

Students will engage with the condition and range of current artistic 3 dimensional and digital/time based practice. They will investigate how to address meaning in their work. They will be shown how to recognise the potential for narrative in many instances from an object, material or moving image to an action or a space.

Students will learn through material manipulation how the nuances of meaning can be exploited in an object, process or a material. They will explore metaphor and context in relation to project themes. They will observe, explore and learn how narrative can be addressed in a multitude of instances and genres within a wider 3-dimensional and digital/time-based art practice.

Students will explore the unique universal language of 3D and digital/time based practice. Students will be shown how the language of 3 dimensional and digital/time based practices has developed over time, and how it was and is fundamental in influencing a significant proportion of Fine Arts practice today. They will engage both with physical and virtual space and materials. They will explore relationships between form, space, time, material, process and context.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Evidence of a basic sense of how to observe, explore and research ideas given as project briefs through drawing, process-based research and material manipulation.

  2. Reflect an awareness of fundamental issues of practice; why we use imagery, how Art and artistic practice has influenced change within society in both a historical and contemporary context.

  3. Record and document relevant contemporary artists and research their applied practices and contexts, and collect and collate applied research material.

  4. Demonstrate a basic sense of how to reflect on contexts and develop strategies for the design of conceptual 3-dimensional and time-based solutions to specified projects..

  5. Demonstrate a responsibility towards self-directed learning including an ability to contribute to peer group discussions addressing module content.

% Coursework 100%