Academic and Professional Development for Medical Science


This module is delivered over a semester for 3 hours per week. 

The aim of this module is to develop academic and professional development skills for student success in higher education and beyond. This module combines online learning activities and small group workshops to focus on areas such as academic writing and integrity, creative thinking, problem-solving, communications, career planning, report writing, innovation, technology and presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appraise different learning styles and apply appropriate learning strategies and time management skills.

  2. Engage in creative problem-solving and work as an effective group member.

  3. Assess a variety of professional communication practices and digital tools to enhance communication skills.

  4. Recognise different information sources and apply the principles of academic integrity in scientific writing.

  5. Be aware of one's own health & wellbeing with recognition and reflection on sustainability practices. 

% Coursework 100%