Accommodation and Culinary Operations


This module introduces the learner to the discipline areas of accommodation and culinary skills. The module will enable learners classify accommodation and culinary, and how they fit within the wider tourism industry. In addition, the learner will develop skills in accommodation and culinary in a practical setting to adequately prepare the learner for industry placement, and to scaffold their learning for related modules at Stage 2 of the programme of study.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the hotel, hospitality, and tourism industry outlining the impacts of tourism, economically; socio-culturally; and environmentally.

  2. Classify key organisations in the hotel, hospitality, & tourism industry, both public and private; nationally and internationally.

  3. Identify a range of foods and apply appropriate culinary skills and techniques in their preparation.

  4. Apply the principles of dish compilation to a specification, quality control, sustainability, waste management and cost control.

  5. Apply professional allergen, hygiene and safety practices in accordance with Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) training standards and waste/recycling policy. 

  6. Demonstrate an ability to organise as well as carry out the servicing of different categories of guest rooms to the standard required by a commercial establishment.

  7. Identify best practice within the accommodation department of a hotel, with an emphasis on current trends including interior designs, planned maintenance systems and environmental considerations.

% Coursework 100%