Advanced Clinical Chemistry


This module will equip students with an up to date and in-depth understanding of the biochemical consequences of common clinical disorders and the role of the clinical chemistry laboratory in supporting patient care. The module will include the development of new methodologies and biomarkers for use in clinical laboratories to support patient's diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis and screening.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically review the relationship between normal physiological function and pathological changes that occur in the various clinical conditions.

  2. Assess advances in the understanding of pathological processes and the part played by the clinical chemistry laboratory.

  3. Appraise current and new analytical methods for relevant analytes in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory.

  4. Critically evaluate current and emerging practices employed within clinical chemistry laboratories.

  5. Discuss the significance of clinical chemistry laboratory results taking into account clinical information, pre-analytical and analytical issues.

% Coursework 100%