Advanced Clinical Laboratory Haematology


This module will provide the learner with a critical understanding of the principles and practice of clinical laboratory haematology. Learners will evaluate the role of advanced techniques in the diagnosis and monitoring of haematological disorders as well as the contribution of emerging technologies, including immunotherapy and gene therapy, to patient care. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of current issues in clinical and diagnostic haematology for the practising medical scientist.

  2. Comprehensively explain the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of a variety of haematological disorders.

  3. Provide reasoned interpretation of laboratory-derived diagnostic test results for a variety of haematological disorders and be able to advise on further testing as appropriate.

  4. Critically assess the role of the haematology laboratory in the diagnosis and monitoring of haematological disorders with due consideration for quality and regulatory requirements.

  5. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the research interface and developing technologies and therapies in the field of haematology.

% Coursework 100%