Advanced Clinical Microbiology and Infection


This module will provide the learner with an in-depth understanding of clinical microbiology and infection. The learner will acquire an advanced knowledge of microbial pathogenesis and control, antimicrobial resistance, emerging trends in microbial diagnostics and the role of the clinical, microbiology, laboratory in patient care. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Comprehensively explain the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of clinically relevant pathogens.

  2. Critically assess the role of the microbiology laboratory in the diagnosis, control and surveillance of infectious disease.

  3. Comprehensively explain the significance of antimicrobial chemotherapy, mechanisms of resistance and the detection of resistant pathogens.

  4. Critically evaluate current and emerging practices in clinical microbiology.

  5. Review microbiological scientific publications and produce work to a professional standard.

% Coursework 100%