Advanced Digital Design


This module explores the role of interactive and time-based media within graphic design. The module is aimed at graphic design students so that they can realise design concepts in an interactive or motion graphic form. This module gives the graphic design student the opportunity to consider the implications and possibilities of emerging media technology upon graphic design. Comprehension of design methodologies and practice will be demonstrated through the creation of an interactive or motion design product.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise how principles of user experience / motion design may be applied to contemporary practices in the creation of design for screen.

  2. Express solutions in response to scenarios through problem solving, experimentation and testing ideas within the digital environment.

  3. Apply research strategies and a design process to the development of professional digital design solutions.

  4. Select appropriate technical skills to address project problems in the realisation of a digital design solution.

  5. Produce original visual communication intended specifically for an interactive and screen-based interface.

% Coursework 100%