Advanced Digital Tools


This module is designed for design students who wish to deepen their digital skills in the context of their practice. The module builds on the competencies learned Digital Tools 1, and prepares students for implementing modern digital skills in the workplace. This module will enable students to develop the skills and competencies to represent designs and ideas graphically using digital tools and software. Participants will develop a deep understanding of digital tools associated with their chosen design discipline. Learners will develop skills through a series of demonstrations, tutorials, direct experience and focused reflection.

On completion learners will have strengthened their competency in using a range of industry standard digital tools with focused learning in their core pathways.


Product Design –  This module develops the learner's use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and their application for the realisation of 2 and 3 dimensional images of design concepts. It employs currently used industry-standard software and stresses the value of computer based visual data to professional designers, particularly in respect to the speed of producing or updating visualisations, drawings, models and to their communication.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise the relationships between design technology, production, the individual, society and the environment within contemporary design practices.

  2. Select appropriate techniques and software to transpose design ideas into digital form and environments.

  3. Express solutions in response to scenarios through problem solving, experimentation and testing ideas within the digital environment.

  4. Apply the features of design software to implement geometric concepts and principles.

  5. Generate enhanced visualisations of design concepts using industry-standard software.

  6. Prepare technical drawings and specifications in accordance with relevant standards.

  7. Compose multimedia presentations which clearly express design information and embody design intentions.

% Coursework 100%