Advanced Emergency Procedures


A very high level of skill in emergency techniques, risk assessment and management is required of the teacher/instructor in Outdoor Environments. This module aims to develope practical skills based on sound theoritical principles in the following areas, Endurance swimming, Water Rescue Skills and CPR/EAR/AED procedures.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in endurance swimming.  

  2. Demonstrate a high level of swimming skill in Front Crawl, Breaststorke, and Sidestroke. 

  3. Demonstrate a high level of skill and theoritical knowledge in Basic Life Support.

  4. Carry out a Risk Assessment on a open body of water and complete a Normal Opertaing Procedure and Emergency Action Plan relevant to Outdoor Pusuits in this area; demonstarting comprehensive knowledge of open water hazards and risk management practices. 

  5. Demonstrate advanced water rescue skills.

  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the literature of Water Safety and Survival Swimming and Basic Life Support.

% Coursework 100%