Advanced Materials and Sustainability


Advanced Materials & Sustainability will build on learners existing knowledge of traditional materials from Year 1. Learners will develop knowledge and skills related to the use of composite, resin, carbon fibre, silicon, textiles, plastics and bio-based materials alongside other developing materials.

Learners will explore the use of modern processes linked to the use of advanced materials in the design arena such as 3D printing, rapid prototyping, laser cutting and moulding to name a few.

The module will be contextualised by a theoretical exploration of developing materials such as smart materials, biomaterials and e-textiles as an example. This exploration of advanced materials will be framed in the mind-set of sustainability and the requisite materials eco credentials and effects on our environment.

Learners will attain an ability to identify, assess and select suitable advanced materials and/or processes for design driven projects.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe basic material properties, profiles and applications of selected materials and processes

  2. Demonstrate an ability to safely perform selected processes to manipulate advanced materials

  3. Identify and assess new materials for application in design driven projects

  4. Critique sustainability concepts in relation to their application to design driven projects

  5. Illustrate an ability to utilise selected advanced materials successfully in a design led product

% Coursework 100%