Advanced Measurement


This module relates to the measurement of elements for a complex building in accordance with the Agreed Rules of Measurement (ARM4), the National Standard Building Elements (NSBE). This module allows the student to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of creating accurate descriptions and accurate quantification of construction work. This module allows the student to build on their knowledge of construction technology, source relevant information from drawings in order to produce a Bill of Quantities.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply the rules of standard methods of measurement to the quantification of building works

  2. Prepare take off solutions to the measurement of elements for inclusion in a Bill of Quantities from detailed drawings and specifications for complex buildings

  3. Develop effective and efficient self-directed study skills including time management skills and working to programme

  4. Apply theory to practice and develop an understanding of the management and application of data and how it's applied to measurement.

  5. Analyse and apply methods of measurement and project information and use the information in the preparation a set of preliminaries suitable for a construction project

% Coursework 100%