Advanced Mechanical Engineering


This course examines the design, material selection and failure mechanisms of high performance structures which are critical to the safe operation of modern engineering infrastructure. Examples taken from the aerospace, petroleum and biomedical sectors include, turbine discs and blades, pressure vessels, stents and composite materials. The course builds on previous learning obtained in modules such as Machine design, Statics and Dynamics and Numerical Methods. This module is intended to extend the learning obtained in such modules and complement the final year module on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) by giving analytical benchmarks which can be used to critique the accuracy of the CAE solvers. In this module the student will use modern computational methods implemented on Excel and Matlab as well as materials selection databases to analyse these systems.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Formulate a design analysis strategy for a high performance mechanical engineering component.

  2. Implement design calculations on a spreadsheet/programme to simulate the behaviour of an engineering component.

  3. Identify and describe the main failure mechanisms for metallic and composite material components.

  4. Specify realistic performance criteria for critial components.

  5. Comprehend their ethical and professional responsibilities to safeguard against catastrophic failures.

% Coursework 65%
% Final Exam 35%