Advanced Practice in Transfusion and Transplantation Science


This module will provide the learner with a critical understanding of the principles and practice of transfusion and transplantation science in the context of the regulatory environment. Learners will evaluate the role of advanced techniques in the resolution of complex immunohaematological problems as well as the contribution of emerging technologies, including tissue engineering, to patient care. 


Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically discuss the immunology of blood cells in the context of blood transfusion practice.

  2. Apply evidence-based problem-solving skills to evaluate and resolve practical problems that arise in transfusion practice, taking into account recent advances in transfusion science.  

  3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of blood component therapy and patient blood management in a variety of clinical settings.

  4. Critically assess the role of the national blood transfusion service. 

  5. Evaluate and discuss transfusion strategies in the context of transplantation.

  6. Demonstrate an awareness of the research interface and developing technologies in transfusion and transplantation practice.

  7. Apply a critical understanding of haemovigilance and regulatory requirements to assess case-based scenarios in transfusion practice. 

% Coursework 100%