Agricultural Technology


This module presents the fundamental principles of the following from both a theoretical classroom based and practical workshop perspective.

  • Internal combustion CI Engines and Ancillary Systems
  • Operating principles of farm machinery 
  • Basics of hydraulics and control systems

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the cycle of operation of an Internal Combustion (IC) engine, the basic operation of IC engine ancillary equipment and identify main components of these systems.

  2. Examine and identify the mechanical components on Compression ignition (CI) IC engines and gearbox units, check tolerances aganist manufacturer’s specifications.

  3. Explain the basic operating principles of a range of farm machinery and identify common dangers associated with such machinery.

  4. Demonstrate calibration procedures on sowing/planting equipment, fertiliser distributors and crop sprayers.

  5. Describe the functions of hydraulic systems, components involved in such systems and calculate hydraulic circuits flow rates and pressures.

% Coursework 100%