Analytical Techniques 2.2


Semester-long module will consist of two hours of theory and two hours of practical work per week.

Analytical Techniques 2.2 module combines theory with practical work covering the basic techniques used in electrochemical and water analysis. The student will use pH and conductivity meters, various ion selective electrodes and employ use of titration to confirm the analytical methods.

Through the practical work the student learns how to follow procedures, to prepare samples for analysis, use mathematical methods to process analytical data, obtain quantitative results and report results in a proper manner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the basic theory of instrumental methods in electrochemistry.

  2. Operate a range of electrochemical instrumentation.

  3. Prepare and use samples in qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  4. Determine the composition of real samples.

  5. Select the correct analytical technique for analysis.

  6. Assess the validity of experimental data.

  7. Compare test results with expected results.

  8. Appreciate the importance of applying specific procedures in electrochemical and water analytical analysis to ensure reliability and accuracy of any data obtained and reported.

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%