Animal Nutrition & Breeding


This module advances learners' knowledge of the principles of animal nutrition and breeding. It will equip learners with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to critique and formulate feeding regimes for farm animals in accordance with their nutritional requirements. Learners will also develop the knowledge, skill and competence to adopt and implement best practices in applied livestock breeding management and reporting.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Classify feedstuffs based on their nutritional value and indentify the nutritional requirements of specific animal groups.

  2. Formulate feeding regimes using a range of nutrient sources and identify the clinical symptoms of metabolic diseases and disorders in relation to animal nutrition.

  3. Devise a livestock breeding programme: set targets and criteria for improving breeding indices and analyse animal events data for use in breeding programmes.

  4. Produce animal and herd reports relating to livestock breeding, parturition and slaughter from a given recognized database and interpret animal and herd reports generated from a recognized database program

% Coursework 60%
% Final Exam 40%