Animation Studio 3


On this module learners apply the skills of animation and develop their practical application using digital technology and/or stop-motion techniques.

Learners will create a high-quality collaborative animation project and maintain a digital portfolio of project work demonstrating their ability in animation, drawing, design and storytelling.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and produce a collaborative animation project and individual project work 

  2. Formulate creative solutions to arising problems

  3. Author original ideas, demonstrating an understanding of the conventions of visual story telling

  4. Appraise and evaluate their contribution to group projects and their performance of individual work. 

  5. Apply the knowledge about the workflow of a short animation production and the demonstrate the ability to self-manage their time accordingly

  6. Demonstrate an ability to work constructively in a team and contribute significantly to a collaborative project

  7. Interpret and competently execute industry-standard brief/s.

  8. Demonstrate technical skills and competence in the use of a variety of animation techniques, materials and digital tools

% Coursework 100%