Animation Studio and Theory 2


On this module learners apply the skills of animation and develop their practical application of animation principles using both traditional techniques and digital technology.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop 2D characters and environments which exhibit the assimilation of animation design principles.

  2. Construct layouts and backgrounds that incorporate principles of composition, perspective and colour using a variety of techniques

  3. Create an original 2D animation incorporating a range of artistic styles and techniques

  4. Coordinate and manage the production of a collaborative short animated project.

  5. Integrate the appropriate technology effectively in the development of 2D digital animation projects.

  6. Prepare and produce a short stop-motion animation using stop-motion software.

  7. Set up and utilise green screen lighting for effective green-screen compositing

  8. Utilise compositing software to remove green screen and undertake clean-up compositing on an animated film

  9. Demonstrate sensitivity to character physicality using both 2D and stop-motion techniques

  10. Incorporate the use of sound inc. music, FX, and dialogue into an animated project.  

% Coursework 100%