Applied Circular Built Environment Work-Based Research Project


This module aims to immerse the learner in applied research that will critically evaluate and examine the design, development, and piloting of circular economy interventions within an organizational and/or project-based workplace context. The module will introduce contemporary research paradigms, methodologies, and methods within an applied work-based research framework that will include setting out research aims and objectives; undertaking a focused literature review; critically evaluating and selecting an appropriate methodology i.e., qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods; recognizing the ethical dimensions and limitations.

The aim of the module is to support learners in translating the knowledge and competences gained in the ‘Circular Economy Principles for a Sustainable Built Environment’ and ‘Circular Economy Leadership and Organizational Transitions’ modules into an applied research task that will address a current, circular economy-related, and possibly ill-defined challenge or opportunity that is based in practice.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate evolving applied work-based research paradigms, methodologies, and methods, which are applicable within a built environment setting.  

  2. Evaluate and critically assess the applicability of built environment and circular economy research strategies and frameworks at different scales across the value chain.

  3. Critically examine the feasibility and applicability of emerging concepts of communities of practice and learning organizations within a built environment and circular economy context. 

  4. Prepare a project-based and/or organizational applied work-based research plan of work that will set out the: aims and objectives; selected methodology; implementation and benchmarking framework; and critical reflection milestones.

  5. Undertake a detailed and focused applied research study within a workplace context that will critically evaluate and examine the design, development, and piloting of circular economy interventions.

  6. Critically evaluate different communication tools to translate and present applied work-based research findings to different audiences.  

% Coursework 100%