Applied Immunology (Medical Science)


In this module the learner will review the immune system and its components, building on what was delivered in Immunology, stage 2 and preparing the student for Clinical Immunology in stage 4. The module will enhance the learners understanding of basic immunology and give the learner a solid foundation for understanding the immunological basis of diseases. An introduction to immunotherapies will be provided and the application of immunometric assays in a clinical laboratory will also be studied.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review and analyse the components of innate and adaptive immunity. 

  2. Discuss how aspects of the immune system can be manipulated to provide various immunotherapies.

  3. Discuss the principles and applications of various immunoassays.

  4. Competently perform a range of immunoassays relevant to the diagnostic laboratory and with due regard to quality and safety.

% Coursework 100%