Applied Psychology Middle Childhood


This module will introduce learners to psychological theory as it relates to children aged 6-15 years of age.  A broad range of theorists will be considered including Bronfenbrenner’s ecology of human development which focuses on the family, changing family structures, extra-familial influence and culture. The work of Csikszentmihalyi will be examined in relation to motivation and Bandura in relation to social learning theory. Ericsson's stages of development will be explored.  The focus of this module will be on the application of a strengths based approach to support children using solution focused practices.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply a broad range of psychological developmental theories as they relate to children aged 6-15 years of age

  2. Explore the impact of family, caregivers, environment and culture on the development of the child aged 6-15 years of age.

  3. Examine evidenced based therapies that exist and their application within the School Age Childcare Settings for children aged 6-15 years.

  4. Analyse national and international practice within the School Age Childcare sector in relation to supporting and educating children aged between 6-15 years of age.

% Coursework 100%