Applied Research Project


This module provides the student with the opportunity to engage in a substantial, independent, critically evaluated research study or workplace project, which relates to the contemporary issues within their specific professional field.  Students will undertake a practice or workplace-based project in an area identified in conjunction with their research supervisor or workplace.

This module provides the student with the skills to strengthen and develop expertise in their area of practice through the use of enhanced knowledge generation, reflexivity and evidence-based practice or research. The module requires the presentation of a thesis or a managerial report or equivalent, detailing the conceptualisation, design, conduct, and analysis of one of the following: i)  a structured research project, ii) a substantial organisational or leadership development project within the students specialist field/service area or organisation, iii) a substantial management intervention or equivalent, within the students' specialist field/service area or organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise and evaluate the evidence base within his/her professional field of focus.

  2. Identify, analyse, evaluate and apply an appropriate methodological approach to the proposed project.

  3. Structure research work to a timeline, collaborating effectively under guidance in a peer relationship with their dissertation/project supervisor.

  4. Draw conclusions and deliver recommendations relevant to the relevant professional field, having due regard to potential ethical, individual, societal and/ or organisational impacts of the research findings/project outcomes.

  5. Formally write up and present, a dissertation/report on the project, synthesising and integrating literature and applied knowledge within the professional context or study. 

% Coursework 100%