Applied Research Project


The Applied Research Project module enables and facilitates learners in the preparation, undertaking and realisation of a significant piece of industry-related research. Learners are provided with the knowledge, skills, instruction and guidance to pursue a research project, in consultation with their lecturer/supervisor, in the following distinct areas: a detailed business plan, a dissertation, an industry-focused market research project. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the constituent aspects and elements of three modes of applied research project, and the reflective, interpretative and analytic skills intrinsic to them.

  2. Conduct mode-specific research in accordance with the theoretical underpinnings of business plan, dissertation, and market research.

  3. Implement research methodologies and methods in a rigorous and ethical manner.

  4. Apply critical evaluation knowledge and skills to secondary and primary research.

  5. Exhibit level-appropriate competence in academic writing, referencing, layout and presentation.

% Coursework 100%