Applied Science and Testing


This module explores the following areas as they relate to and affect the furniture industry; basic physics; specifying standards in the areas of product testing, fire safety, workshop H&S and an introduction to ergonomics. Learners will develop their knowledge of environmental issues and concerns with reference to the role of the EPA and implementation of Environmental Management Systems. Learners will carryout basic structural analysis in labs and lectures and apply these principles to furniture construction using solid modelling software.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Preform practical experiments and showcase the associated results with reference to the furniture industry. 

  2. Demonstrate best practices techniques in using digital technologies as a method that generates scientific rigour within the furniture industry. 

  3. Differentiate between the types of standards as they apply to furniture products; test methodologies, classification, and safety requirements.

  4. Present comprehensive analyses and findings while referencing the implications for the wood industry, sustainability and the environment.

  5. Measure and evaluate wood properties and furniture joints/assemblies using physical models.

% Coursework 100%